What We've Bought Into

from by Sun Giants

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I was born the son of two young adults
They were the same age then as I am now
They didn't think it right to go and put me down
So they put me on a list and they shipped me out of town
It was later that year when my mom and dad
Adopted me in '93
A perfect little baby for a fella and a lady
To do with me as they would please
So they filled my head with morals
And amazing godly stories
Shaped my little malleable mind.

And as does everyone to everyone
It's hard to tell what's yourself
And what's everyone else
Did I make up these rules of right and wrong?
Or were they shoved in my head and repeated for so long?
Don't get me wrong I believe in them,
I'm needin' them
It ain't right to kill
But where do you draw the line?

Soon I'll graduate from college
And my head is full of knowledge
It's a blessing and a curse I'll carry to the hearse
This world's a sick, old system: a cyclical existence
Work to make a living and live to make a killing
Barely bold enough to say it, but money is a drug
And it's FDA approved and it's citizen abused
You take your first hit and brother, that's it
Nickles and dimes and fees and fines
It's all you ever think about: more, more, more
If you're happy, you're rich
If you're sad, then you're poor.

They tell you from the very start
That money can't buy happiness
But do they for a second think that you can't see what's happening?
Everybody's playing the game, it's a shame to me
And I'm a part of it
And I can't even argue why
I know, I know
That money isn't anything
And I can't, I can't
Work eight hours a day to live
to work
to live
to work
to live
to work.

I was only thirteen years old
When I told a girl I loved her
She responded in kind and I paid it no mind
That it might have been too early
But it never seems early when you're right in the middle of the thing
And your dreams are completely in sync
With a world that makes you think that
There's nothing more real than love
And it's a heavenly gift from above
But now I'm twenty-two and a little more aware
It's in what you never question
That will give you more pain than you can bear.

Toxic Disney movies making everything a fantasy
And marriage expectations are bordering insanity
Find another flawed human being and present them with a ring
'cause after just two years you'll promise
That even as you change
You'll still feel the same
And you're to blame
If you can't make it to the end.

I've bought into so many things
A moral compass,
Bank account
And wedding rings.
And I know it's not fair, but I'm glad that I'm surrounded
By my brothers that make me think
Push my brain to the brink
And pull it back like Jack,
Zach, Mac, Dylan, Miles, Matt, Kirk
They make my mind get up and work

And that's why I'm doing fine.


from Doldrum Demos, released April 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Sun Giants Seattle, Washington

Northwesterly folk tunes from the 206.

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